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The Australian open Lawn Tennis female tournament was won by Serena Williams beating Maria Sharpova 6-3, 7-6. Novak Djokovic defeated Andy Murray 7-6, 6-7, 6-3, 6-0 to win the male singles trophy.

However, the purpose of this article is not to analyze the Australian Open 2015, which was good to watch and had its moments of magic too. The purpose of this article is to analyze only some of the players who unfortunately and unsporting, are using unfair means to gain advantage over their opponents.

But, there are many technical aspects, which an average sports reader or even a sports person might not be aware of. I will first like to inform the reader about some difficult technical aspects of the cheating drug or molecule in question. Some tennis players are supplementing their natural testosterone levels by taking external testosterone. This is illegal and unfair. Though they are gaining advantage of it but they are not being caught.

The reason is that testosterone is a hormone, which is produced in the body of both males and females. Male body produces nearly 20 to 25 times the testosterone produced by a female body. But, due to metabolism, male testosterone levels are only 8 to 10 times that of female testosterone levels.

Males have total testosterone levels in the range of 300 to 1000 ng/dl and females have total testosterone levels in the range of 15 to 70 ng/dl. However, this varies widely in various age groups.

The testosterone in the human body is mainly in the form of free testosterone but significant proportion of it is bound to SHPG and albumin.

In males, the interstitial cells of the testis produce most of the testosterone. In females, ovaries produce most of the testosterone.

To produce testosterone, these organs require a precursor, which is DHEA, or Dihydro epiandrosterone, which is produced in the adrenal glands, located as cap on the kidneys. DHEA cream can be used in the rectum and vagina, is freely available in the market and might be used by some players to increase the testosterone levels. But any increase in testosterone levels by the use of DHEA are marginal and are not such as to cause any great physiological and anatomical changes in the body. This is because it’s only a precursor form, which will be only converted to testosterone and other hormones only if required by the body. But, some players have used DHEA in excessive amounts.

The reader must also understand that the levels of testosterone are not the only difference between males and females. Female body produces estrogen and progesterone as well. But the most significant difference is genetic. All cells of males have XY chromosome pattern. All cells of females have XX chromosome pattern.

Thus, male cells (body) are primed to act on testosterone stimulation and female cells (body) are primed to act on estrogen/progesterone stimulation. This than induces necessary body changes typical of a male and female respectively.

The testosterone in males causes the muscles to have extra tissue, extra contractile strength. They strengthen almost all muscles in the body but the most profound effect is on the shoulders and back muscles. They also induce the bones to be more dense and stronger to accommodate the forces of these stronger muscles.

This is the reason that even if male and female Lawn Tennis players are of the same height, male tennis player serves faster and his ground strokes have more power and bite to them. In essence, male tennis is testosterone driven.

Female tennis players have naturally very low testosterone and consequently weaker shoulders and back and hence they serve slower and their groundstrokes have lesser power.

Also, the natural hormone levels of female tennis players is meant to cater to the XX chromosome pattern in their body. It keeps them healthy and womanly but prevents them from serving and stroking like the men tennis players.

But winning tournaments and money and fame that comes with them has become so important that some Lawn Tennis players are ready to take external testosterone to induce strength in their shoulders and back to enable them to serve faster and hit the ball harder.

Some laboratories in USA and probably Europe have been able to extract natural human testosterone in sufficient quantities to prepare injections out of them. This human extracted testosterone is natural testosterone and hence cannot be differentiated from already present testosterone in the body. Some Lawn Tennis players have taken this testosterone, some for small periods, some for prolonged periods.

The female tennis players who have taken this external natural testosterone are.

The male tennis players who taken this external natural testosterone are.

But in males except for giving more musculature as it did in the above players, it does not provide too much advantage because very high levels of testosterone are metabolized in the body faster and also high levels of testosterone in the body burn lots of calories very quickly and than these players cannot play long matches. This is because of this that the above-mentioned players tried this for a couple of years and left it. In my assessment none of these players is taking external natural testosterone supplement any longer.

But external natural testosterone in females has a very different effect. Over a prolonged period of dosing on it for say 6 months to a year, it improves the shoulder and back strength considerably, consequently the all important serve and groundstrokes become powerful.

Though presently there are no tests available by which you can test whether a given female player has taken external natural testosterone during the training but I have come up with a clinical assessment card as follows:

1) The shoulders become muscular and strong.

2) The athlete is able to lift more weight than before.

3) The male pattern of musculature appears in the arms. The biceps/triceps will be clearly demarcated. The forearm muscles will be clearly demarcated. It is never the case in natural females.

4) The hipbuttocks of the female player flare up dramatically. Though some females have flared up hipbuttocks but its mostly fat. But in testosterone driven hipbuttocks, it’s the excess musculature, which causes the flare up.

5) The voice will become hoarse and deep.

6) The breasts may shrink in size.

7) The neck will become thicker and stronger.

8) Because fat in the body is replaced by musculature, the weight of the player will increase. The increase in weight can be pretty significant.

9) The Clitoris will increase in size in females.

10) Growth of facial hairs.

11) Thinning or fall of scalp hairs.

12) The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) increases.

13) The heart rate at rest and during exercise increases significantly.

14) The estrogen/progesterone keeps the blood pressure low in females. Excess testosterone causes the blood pressure to rise significantly.

15) The core temperature may increase.

16) Psychotic changes start in females after one year of use.

17) The female becomes aggressive in public.

18) The sexual orientation of the female becomes unstable and she may turn away from males and into homosexuality.

Though the point about homosexuality is difficult to make out unless you follow the player closely but from the point of view of present discussion is very important.

The female tennis is being run by WTA or Women Tennis Association. I think the WTA has over a period come to be dominated by past homosexual players. Now, they are running the show. They like other homosexuals want as many female players to convert to homosexuality. It is very simple to understand. Most of these past homosexual players are simply too old to attract young homosexual females. And many female tennis players are very beautiful.

Thus, these homosexual administrators in WTA first offer these female players to take external natural testosterone to improve their tennis performance. Once they do that, they promise to overlook and manipulate any future tests. In return they are asked to convert into homosexuality and have homosexual sex with them.

This is what is happening in female tennis.

Only a thorough review of the WTA with dismissing all homosexual administrators can save female tennis from further disgrace and anarchy. WTA needs professional men to assist straight females running the WTA to save the day!

Though I am not sure whether homosexuality is also one of the reasons for the abuse of testosterone in male tennis. But, it can be one of the reasons for some males tennis players to abuse testosterone.

Now, lets further examine some of the players that I have named as abusing testosterone and compare them with normal players.

Though in today’s Lawn Tennis, both male and female players are bigger and stronger but there is difference between players in the testosterone list and normal players.

She recently won the Australian Open 2015 by beating Maria Sharapova, whatever the score line.

Now, is 33 years old, 5 feet 9 inches in height. But her biggest serve has been clocked at 126.8 miles per hour. She has an average first serve of 108 miles per hour. She was serving slower 10 years ago. She is serving faster now. It is because instead of weakening with age, her abuse of testosterone has caused her to become stronger. A normal female tennis player can cope with about 80 to 90 miles per hour serves. Her testosterone induced serves take out the contest before its has begun.

Now, compare her with Maria Sharapova, the runner up at this year’s Australian open.

Is 6 feet 1 and ½ inch tall. She is energetic. She is a good 5 inches taller than. But she is no match for. Why? She does not have a testosterone supplemented shoulders, back, arms to serve thunderbolts and hit groundstrokes with the ferocity of Testosterone . But it’s unsporting and unfair.

She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weigh 70 kg. Her fastest serve has been clocked at 131 miles per hour.

Again in the case of, her performance is testosterone driven. But I must inform that she has been abusing testosterone for much shorter time than  and even than probably takes much smaller doses. Maybe she is still young and is probably more conscious of her looks than is at age 33 years.

But one must understand that even naturally both are very good athletes and its very difficult to make out their abuse of testosterone. But it is there. This is one reason that the testosterone laboratory approached them for their product because it is difficult to make out the difference between the performance of a very good athlete and a testosterone driven very good athlete.

The initial athletic capabilities and Lawn Tennis capabilities are very important. This is clearly shown by the lack of relative success in other players who chose to abuse testosterone like. Though they also have gained success through the abuse of testosterone but their success and performance looks minor as compared to that of is a naturally talented and gifted player and she should have stayed that way. She made the wrong decision and chose the wrong path, at least in the past five to six years.

I sincerely hope for tennis and sports that these players see the right path and make correct decisions. This is good for fair play, other non testosterone players and the public who adores them and encourages them on court to play better.

Have a nice natural sporting day!

                       Copyright        Tanvir Nebuchadnezar

COPYRIGHT             ©  Tanvir Nebuchadnezar


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