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Recently the Uber and Thomas cups 2014 badminton tournaments were held in New Delhi at Siri Fort Sports complex from 18th to 25th May 2014. This was the 28thThomas cup tournament and the 25th Uber cup tournament.

The Japanese men team defeated the Malaysian team 3 to 2 to win their first Thomas cup. The Chinese women team defeated the Japanese team 3 to 1 to win their 13th Uber cup.

The Thomas cup final was better contested with both teams evenly matched. But the highlight of the final was the play of Lee Chong Wei in the first match. He played a brilliant game of badminton to win the first point of the finals. I will like to further dwell on the game of Lee Chong Wei. He moves effortlessly on court, rises in the air at will and smashes at will. In such fine form, he will win against all players in the world.

Lee Chong Wei has many facets to his game but his smashes are his most potent weapon. There is the full-blooded Lee smash when Lee jumps into the air very high and smashes the shuttle down at a very acute angle. This is lethal almost on all occasions. This is generally due to slightly short shuttle in his court, either over his head or near the forehand side.

Next is the half-blooded Lee smash. Lee rises into the air slightly lower than that in full-blooded, generally to short shuttle either overhead or slightly towards the backhand. This is lethal in more than half the occasions.

Than there is the quarter blooded Lee smash in circumstances where shuttle is not too short but Lee wants to place the shuttle in an empty court on the other side. This is a placement smash but is still successful in a high percentage of cases.

Now coming to the highlight of the Uber cup finals. The Chinese women team is very strong, too strong for almost all teams in the world. This was one aspect of the highlight of the Uber cup tournament 2014 and the finals but there was something else on display in this tournament that is the Japanese female player Sayaka Takahashi. That she is very good badminton player and athlete goes without saying. But there is something else about her that you remember for a very long time, even as the tournament is over. It’s her sensuality.

Sayaki Takahasi in the beauty contest is a beauty queen and is BSC= Beautiful+ Sexy+ Cute, all at the same time. But that does not stop there.

Sayaki Takahasi has the sensuality and sexuality that melts in your hands, melts in your body and melts in your mind. Her movements on court are so graceful and sexy that you forget about the badminton that is going on, including the opposite player.

While Sayaki Takahasi is still playing, you start phantasising about her and her ever so refined sexuality melts you on the inside and she melts into you and all you want to do is to hold her, caress her beautiful face and her flawless skin, melt your lips into her lips, than you want to caress her arms and than her beautifully shaped legs. Than you want to work up closer to her tightly wrapped skirt and want to unwrap it to feel and melt into the treasure that lies inside that beautifully worn skirt.

Really trust me, when you start phantasising about her, you cannot stop even if you want to, you want to get into a situation and get there very fast where she will be available only to me. I wish that all the useless crowd clapping and making unnecessary and utterly disturbing noise would disappear. Obviously there is no need of the opposite player. I wouldn’t want any officials or other players around. Sayaki Takahasi is all that is wanted. This is the effect that her court presence, movement, play, sound, purrs, mannerisms make on you.

All I want is to get inside her and melt into her and stay that way!

Trust me, Sayaki can make a scorching hot summer out of a polar winter!

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