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                       THE CURIOUS CASE OF MELDONIUM

As of January 1 2016, WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) included Meldonium in its list of banned drugs (anti doping drugs).
But what is Doping? I have defined Doping as “an intentional intake of a drug for a prolonged period of time, without any medical reasons or protective reasons, which is designed to improve the Athlete’s performance in any given sports to a significant degree as compared to Athletes not taking the same drug in the same sport”.
    Thus, according to my definition, lot of drugs will qualify as doping drugs and most are listed on the WADA list of banned drugs. This list is most important, not only in its creation and inclusion but also enforcement and purposes to keep sports clean and offer spectators natural contest between natural gifts given by holy Bel Marduk Adonai (God).
      In line with my definition of doping and need for WADA, I wrote my previous article on the use of testosterone in Lawn Tennis. Same Testosterone is used in other sports as well in same countries. But the testosterone being used by players, though banned by WADA, has no physical existing means of getting caught. Hence, all players currently using Testosterone are not caught by WADA. They can as of now be caught only by the 18 point programme I have given in the article.
     This mention becomes important because all athletes, who are presently abusing testosterone are either based in western Europe or USA. None has been caught, no body has been punished and presently there are no technological means to catch them.
    Now, coming to Meldonium. It is primarily used by athletes of Eastern Europe and Russia and until 1st January 2016 was not on the list of banned drugs of WADA.
    So, is banning Meldonium, a western conspiracy to deprive eastern european athletes of a competitive edge as compared to their testosterone driven athletes? Its a possibility which cannot be ruled out and with 2016 Olympics fast approaching, seems a likely scenario. The Meldonium ban will not only deprive east european athletes of psychological competitive edge but some athletes with medal prospects might be banned from actually participating.
    As long as WADA fails to catch testosterone driven athletes, discrimination cannot be ruled out.
    But, the mystery of Meldonium does not end with WADA listing.
Lets look into Meldonium with a bit more details to derive our own conclusions as sports lovers.
    Actually Meldonium was developed in Latvia at the Institute of organic synthesis by Professor Ivars Calvinia. Initially the purpose was to stimulate growth in animals and poultry and control growth in plants. It was successful in both.
  But, later research in Meldonium found that it had therapeutic benefits in ischaemic diseases of both heart and brain.
Meldonium inhibits the beta oxidation of fatty acids and stimulates the utilisation of glucose in an ischaemic heart. It has similar effect in the brain and is said to improve the mood, activity and vigour of the person.
 Now, if we see an athlete in strenuous training or even in actual play, parts of the heart go into “relative ischaemia” and in such cases Meldonium has same beneficial effect as in Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) patient. But, such “relative ischaemia” is obtained after very strenuous exercise or actual play. In a normal sedentary person, Meldonium has no benefit at all. Its potential side effects include irregular heart beat, changes in blood pressures, allergic reactions etc.
 Thus Meldonium is of benefit only in IHD or in “Relative Ischaemia” and should not be taken by normal persons.
 Since we have established the above, the contention of the inventor of Meldonium that banning Meldonium will put the lives of more athletes at risk, looks to be true and there is strong possibility that WADA has made a mistake.
Meldonium only prevents ischaemia and increases endurance and stamina at the point of “Relative Ischaemia” and not before that. Thus, there is no conclusive proof that Meldonium is actually improving the performance of the athlete.
 At best argument in favour of WADA listing can be made in cases of Marathon and long distance runners where “Relative Ischaemia” is a guarantee and some athletes can have some benefits. Here also Meldonium will prevent sudden cardiac deaths of athletes.
 Thus, in favour of athlete’s health, I will argue that WADA remove Meldonium from banned drugs, at least till such time that they can prove conclusively that Meldonium is a ONLY performance enhancing drug and does not save lives.
 I also think that WADA needs to be funded more robustly so that it can develop or acquire technology to catch all cheating, including lots of it which it is presently not able to catch. Caching all is very important.
 And here the curious case of Meldonium acquires its significance.
WADA is important
Meldonium is also important
but Sports is the important





The Australian open Lawn Tennis female tournament was won by Serena Williams beating Maria Sharpova 6-3, 7-6. Novak Djokovic defeated Andy Murray 7-6, 6-7, 6-3, 6-0 to win the male singles trophy.

However, the purpose of this article is not to analyze the Australian Open 2015, which was good to watch and had its moments of magic too. The purpose of this article is to analyze only some of the players who unfortunately and unsporting, are using unfair means to gain advantage over their opponents.

But, there are many technical aspects, which an average sports reader or even a sports person might not be aware of. I will first like to inform the reader about some difficult technical aspects of the cheating drug or molecule in question. Some tennis players are supplementing their natural testosterone levels by taking external testosterone. This is illegal and unfair. Though they are gaining advantage of it but they are not being caught.

The reason is that testosterone is a hormone, which is produced in the body of both males and females. Male body produces nearly 20 to 25 times the testosterone produced by a female body. But, due to metabolism, male testosterone levels are only 8 to 10 times that of female testosterone levels.

Males have total testosterone levels in the range of 300 to 1000 ng/dl and females have total testosterone levels in the range of 15 to 70 ng/dl. However, this varies widely in various age groups.

The testosterone in the human body is mainly in the form of free testosterone but significant proportion of it is bound to SHPG and albumin.

In males, the interstitial cells of the testis produce most of the testosterone. In females, ovaries produce most of the testosterone.

To produce testosterone, these organs require a precursor, which is DHEA, or Dihydro epiandrosterone, which is produced in the adrenal glands, located as cap on the kidneys. DHEA cream can be used in the rectum and vagina, is freely available in the market and might be used by some players to increase the testosterone levels. But any increase in testosterone levels by the use of DHEA are marginal and are not such as to cause any great physiological and anatomical changes in the body. This is because it’s only a precursor form, which will be only converted to testosterone and other hormones only if required by the body. But, some players have used DHEA in excessive amounts.

The reader must also understand that the levels of testosterone are not the only difference between males and females. Female body produces estrogen and progesterone as well. But the most significant difference is genetic. All cells of males have XY chromosome pattern. All cells of females have XX chromosome pattern.

Thus, male cells (body) are primed to act on testosterone stimulation and female cells (body) are primed to act on estrogen/progesterone stimulation. This than induces necessary body changes typical of a male and female respectively.

The testosterone in males causes the muscles to have extra tissue, extra contractile strength. They strengthen almost all muscles in the body but the most profound effect is on the shoulders and back muscles. They also induce the bones to be more dense and stronger to accommodate the forces of these stronger muscles.

This is the reason that even if male and female Lawn Tennis players are of the same height, male tennis player serves faster and his ground strokes have more power and bite to them. In essence, male tennis is testosterone driven.

Female tennis players have naturally very low testosterone and consequently weaker shoulders and back and hence they serve slower and their groundstrokes have lesser power.

Also, the natural hormone levels of female tennis players is meant to cater to the XX chromosome pattern in their body. It keeps them healthy and womanly but prevents them from serving and stroking like the men tennis players.

But winning tournaments and money and fame that comes with them has become so important that some Lawn Tennis players are ready to take external testosterone to induce strength in their shoulders and back to enable them to serve faster and hit the ball harder.

Some laboratories in USA and probably Europe have been able to extract natural human testosterone in sufficient quantities to prepare injections out of them. This human extracted testosterone is natural testosterone and hence cannot be differentiated from already present testosterone in the body. Some Lawn Tennis players have taken this testosterone, some for small periods, some for prolonged periods.

The female tennis players who have taken this external natural testosterone are.

The male tennis players who taken this external natural testosterone are.

But in males except for giving more musculature as it did in the above players, it does not provide too much advantage because very high levels of testosterone are metabolized in the body faster and also high levels of testosterone in the body burn lots of calories very quickly and than these players cannot play long matches. This is because of this that the above-mentioned players tried this for a couple of years and left it. In my assessment none of these players is taking external natural testosterone supplement any longer.

But external natural testosterone in females has a very different effect. Over a prolonged period of dosing on it for say 6 months to a year, it improves the shoulder and back strength considerably, consequently the all important serve and groundstrokes become powerful.

Though presently there are no tests available by which you can test whether a given female player has taken external natural testosterone during the training but I have come up with a clinical assessment card as follows:

1) The shoulders become muscular and strong.

2) The athlete is able to lift more weight than before.

3) The male pattern of musculature appears in the arms. The biceps/triceps will be clearly demarcated. The forearm muscles will be clearly demarcated. It is never the case in natural females.

4) The hipbuttocks of the female player flare up dramatically. Though some females have flared up hipbuttocks but its mostly fat. But in testosterone driven hipbuttocks, it’s the excess musculature, which causes the flare up.

5) The voice will become hoarse and deep.

6) The breasts may shrink in size.

7) The neck will become thicker and stronger.

8) Because fat in the body is replaced by musculature, the weight of the player will increase. The increase in weight can be pretty significant.

9) The Clitoris will increase in size in females.

10) Growth of facial hairs.

11) Thinning or fall of scalp hairs.

12) The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) increases.

13) The heart rate at rest and during exercise increases significantly.

14) The estrogen/progesterone keeps the blood pressure low in females. Excess testosterone causes the blood pressure to rise significantly.

15) The core temperature may increase.

16) Psychotic changes start in females after one year of use.

17) The female becomes aggressive in public.

18) The sexual orientation of the female becomes unstable and she may turn away from males and into homosexuality.

Though the point about homosexuality is difficult to make out unless you follow the player closely but from the point of view of present discussion is very important.

The female tennis is being run by WTA or Women Tennis Association. I think the WTA has over a period come to be dominated by past homosexual players. Now, they are running the show. They like other homosexuals want as many female players to convert to homosexuality. It is very simple to understand. Most of these past homosexual players are simply too old to attract young homosexual females. And many female tennis players are very beautiful.

Thus, these homosexual administrators in WTA first offer these female players to take external natural testosterone to improve their tennis performance. Once they do that, they promise to overlook and manipulate any future tests. In return they are asked to convert into homosexuality and have homosexual sex with them.

This is what is happening in female tennis.

Only a thorough review of the WTA with dismissing all homosexual administrators can save female tennis from further disgrace and anarchy. WTA needs professional men to assist straight females running the WTA to save the day!

Though I am not sure whether homosexuality is also one of the reasons for the abuse of testosterone in male tennis. But, it can be one of the reasons for some males tennis players to abuse testosterone.

Now, lets further examine some of the players that I have named as abusing testosterone and compare them with normal players.

Though in today’s Lawn Tennis, both male and female players are bigger and stronger but there is difference between players in the testosterone list and normal players.

She recently won the Australian Open 2015 by beating Maria Sharapova, whatever the score line.

Now, is 33 years old, 5 feet 9 inches in height. But her biggest serve has been clocked at 126.8 miles per hour. She has an average first serve of 108 miles per hour. She was serving slower 10 years ago. She is serving faster now. It is because instead of weakening with age, her abuse of testosterone has caused her to become stronger. A normal female tennis player can cope with about 80 to 90 miles per hour serves. Her testosterone induced serves take out the contest before its has begun.

Now, compare her with Maria Sharapova, the runner up at this year’s Australian open.

Is 6 feet 1 and ½ inch tall. She is energetic. She is a good 5 inches taller than. But she is no match for. Why? She does not have a testosterone supplemented shoulders, back, arms to serve thunderbolts and hit groundstrokes with the ferocity of Testosterone . But it’s unsporting and unfair.

She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weigh 70 kg. Her fastest serve has been clocked at 131 miles per hour.

Again in the case of, her performance is testosterone driven. But I must inform that she has been abusing testosterone for much shorter time than  and even than probably takes much smaller doses. Maybe she is still young and is probably more conscious of her looks than is at age 33 years.

But one must understand that even naturally both are very good athletes and its very difficult to make out their abuse of testosterone. But it is there. This is one reason that the testosterone laboratory approached them for their product because it is difficult to make out the difference between the performance of a very good athlete and a testosterone driven very good athlete.

The initial athletic capabilities and Lawn Tennis capabilities are very important. This is clearly shown by the lack of relative success in other players who chose to abuse testosterone like. Though they also have gained success through the abuse of testosterone but their success and performance looks minor as compared to that of is a naturally talented and gifted player and she should have stayed that way. She made the wrong decision and chose the wrong path, at least in the past five to six years.

I sincerely hope for tennis and sports that these players see the right path and make correct decisions. This is good for fair play, other non testosterone players and the public who adores them and encourages them on court to play better.

Have a nice natural sporting day!

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Recently the Uber and Thomas cups 2014 badminton tournaments were held in New Delhi at Siri Fort Sports complex from 18th to 25th May 2014. This was the 28thThomas cup tournament and the 25th Uber cup tournament.

The Japanese men team defeated the Malaysian team 3 to 2 to win their first Thomas cup. The Chinese women team defeated the Japanese team 3 to 1 to win their 13th Uber cup.

The Thomas cup final was better contested with both teams evenly matched. But the highlight of the final was the play of Lee Chong Wei in the first match. He played a brilliant game of badminton to win the first point of the finals. I will like to further dwell on the game of Lee Chong Wei. He moves effortlessly on court, rises in the air at will and smashes at will. In such fine form, he will win against all players in the world.

Lee Chong Wei has many facets to his game but his smashes are his most potent weapon. There is the full-blooded Lee smash when Lee jumps into the air very high and smashes the shuttle down at a very acute angle. This is lethal almost on all occasions. This is generally due to slightly short shuttle in his court, either over his head or near the forehand side.

Next is the half-blooded Lee smash. Lee rises into the air slightly lower than that in full-blooded, generally to short shuttle either overhead or slightly towards the backhand. This is lethal in more than half the occasions.

Than there is the quarter blooded Lee smash in circumstances where shuttle is not too short but Lee wants to place the shuttle in an empty court on the other side. This is a placement smash but is still successful in a high percentage of cases.

Now coming to the highlight of the Uber cup finals. The Chinese women team is very strong, too strong for almost all teams in the world. This was one aspect of the highlight of the Uber cup tournament 2014 and the finals but there was something else on display in this tournament that is the Japanese female player Sayaka Takahashi. That she is very good badminton player and athlete goes without saying. But there is something else about her that you remember for a very long time, even as the tournament is over. It’s her sensuality.

Sayaki Takahasi in the beauty contest is a beauty queen and is BSC= Beautiful+ Sexy+ Cute, all at the same time. But that does not stop there.

Sayaki Takahasi has the sensuality and sexuality that melts in your hands, melts in your body and melts in your mind. Her movements on court are so graceful and sexy that you forget about the badminton that is going on, including the opposite player.

While Sayaki Takahasi is still playing, you start phantasising about her and her ever so refined sexuality melts you on the inside and she melts into you and all you want to do is to hold her, caress her beautiful face and her flawless skin, melt your lips into her lips, than you want to caress her arms and than her beautifully shaped legs. Than you want to work up closer to her tightly wrapped skirt and want to unwrap it to feel and melt into the treasure that lies inside that beautifully worn skirt.

Really trust me, when you start phantasising about her, you cannot stop even if you want to, you want to get into a situation and get there very fast where she will be available only to me. I wish that all the useless crowd clapping and making unnecessary and utterly disturbing noise would disappear. Obviously there is no need of the opposite player. I wouldn’t want any officials or other players around. Sayaki Takahasi is all that is wanted. This is the effect that her court presence, movement, play, sound, purrs, mannerisms make on you.

All I want is to get inside her and melt into her and stay that way!

Trust me, Sayaki can make a scorching hot summer out of a polar winter!

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Some very exciting times lie ahead for sports. Two world cups are going to be held. One is hockey world cup starting from 31st May in The Hague, Netherlands. The other is the football world cup starting 12th June 2014. Both are very eagerly awaited events.

The hockey world cup will be the 13th edition. This time pool A has Australia, England, Belgium, India, Spain , Malaysia. Pool B has Germany, Holland, New Zealand, South Korea, Argentina and South Africa. The most notable omission is Pakistan which is mainly due to rise of other non traditional hockey teams like Belgium, Argentina, South Africa and new Zealand which have improved their standards enough to qualify for this world cup.

Both pools are evenly balanced and the contest promises to be an exciting contest. In recent years some hockey rules have been modified, particularly about offside and substitution. Both modifications have made the game of hockey much faster and more exciting to watch. It has also meant that more goals are being scored now than before the rules modification.

But unlike hockey, almost no changes or modifications have been made in football rules. The football is exciting but can be made better. This year’s football world cup is the 20th edition and begins 12th June 2014 in Brazil. 32 teams have qualified for this year’s world cup and they have been divided into 8 groups.

The group A consists of Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon. The group B consists of Spain, Holland, Chile, and Australia. The group C consists of Colombia, Greece, Ivory coast, and Japan. The group D consists of Uruguay, Costa rica, England, and Italy. The group E consists of Switzerland, Ecuador, France, and Honduras. The group F consists of Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran and Nigeria.

The group G consists of Germany, Portugal, Ghana, and United States. The group H consists of Belgium, Algeria, Russia and South Korea.

Not only is football hugely popular but an enormous amount of money is involved in this sport, giving direct and indirect employment to millions.

In the past I have noticed certain deficiencies in the game, which need to be corrected to make football even more lovely, enjoyable and fascinating to watch.

Here I am suggesting some methods by which this football world cup can be made neater and more exciting.

*The use of hands in football should be totally banned. Not only the players cannot touch the football with their hands (which is the rule) but they should not touch other footballers with their hands. Any holding of shirt, short, hands of shoulder etc., in fact holding any part of any other footballer should be completely banned and any violation should mean a foul and free kick. The guilty player should also be given a yellow card immediately

*The above foul if done in the D should immediately mean a yellow card and penalty. This will ensure not only more goals but also more creativity in the D. Many players spoil the creativity of the attacking team players by holding their shirts or shorts or hands or other body parts and in many cases such goes unnoticed and unpunished by the referee. The referees need to clamp down heavily on any use of arms except shoulders against any other player.

*All foot tackles in which the football is not within one foot of the feet of the tackled player should be illegal and a free kick awarded to the player who has been fouled.

*Another modification should be made in the Offside rule. Instead of drawing a straight line to decide offside, the attacking player should be given the freedom of 10 meters on the opposite goal side. This will ensure a faster game and more goals. Many defending players exploit the present offside rule and whenever the attacking player is about to receive a pass, these defenders put the attacking player in offside by moving themselves away from such a player. This should not qualify as offside.

Though the above changes are small but their proper implementation can lead to a much faster and cleaner football, more exciting than its present format.

Indeed very exciting times lie ahead for sports and can be made even more exciting!

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It has been more than a month since the spectacular closing ceremony brought the curtains down on the Sochi winter Olympics 2014, but the highlights of it still linger in my memory. It was a unique winter Olympics or for that matter a unique sporting event. Right from the start it was beset with controversies, mostly created by media and politicians who wanted to rob the sports persons of the limelight and put themselves in focus. That such an effort failed singularly, is to my mind the most successful legacy of the games.

The games were conducted in a serene and beautiful geography like Sochi. That all athletes were able to participate, in spite of the worst efforts of the media and politicians is another success of the games. This also ensured that the athletes who worked tirelessly and trained themselves for years, some their lifetime, were able to compete in the premier winter sporting event. Many of the athletes must have breathed a sigh of relief when their ignorant politicians decided not to boycott the winter Olympic event. To participate in such a great event is honour and a lifetime achievement itself, leave alone win a medal. That the athletes could do so is a testimony of the great sporting tradition called Olympics.
The winter Olympics are different from summer Olympics in many ways. The athletes don’t run, they skate or slide or glide. The surface is not soil but snow and ice. You require special dress and special equipment to compete in the winter Olympics. This makes it harder on the athletes to afford such Olympics. But many countries that participated in the winter Olympics help their athletes by providing training facilities and equipment. But many have to train themselves and buy their own equipment. But both want to compete in such an enormous event.

I think that many athletes were relieved and happy that they could participate in the winter Olympics and there was no boycott. This was shown by the exuberance and gaiety they showed while competing.  For them participation was like winning and winning was a dream come true. This was shown by the happiness shown during the flower ceremony, whether they were 3rd, 2nd, 1st was mostly immaterial. That they were on the podium during flower ceremony was all that mattered. This is sporting spirit at its best. The joy of winning athletes was so palpable that it could be felt and understood by millions of viewers around the globe through their television screens.

During the actual events in these winter Olympics, there were so many spills, chills and thrills that Spiderman would have been a bit drained of color.

In all events, the arena was very well prepared, the crowds were joyous and the athletes and the events were just scintillating.

It is difficult to pick the most dangerous event on ice as all can lead to falls and serious injuries but I found the long jump event the most challenging with both females and males jumping in excess of 100 meters.

Though ice hockey is very popular and liked in many parts of the world but this Olympics ice hockey was very fast and very entertaining. But I believe that just like field hockey, some changes should be made in ice hockey to permit more goals. The goal post in my view should be broadened on either side by one feet and height raised by at least half feet. This will enable more goals to be scored and enable spectators not verse with the rules of ice hockey to enjoy it. Because goal is a goal, whether in ice hockey or field hockey. The language of goals can be understood by all spectators. This can widen the appeal of ice hockey even more, not that it needs one but many more spectators are only going to do more good to the game. This will also pull in more sponsors and surplus money can be used to introduce the game where it’s not played and improve the facilities of other sports played on ice.

Curling was another game, which requires lots of skills. It seems to be a hybrid of carom, bowling and billiards. It is good to watch though a bit slow and slightly difficult to understand.

The final event, male ice cross-country was won by the host country Russia in a spectacular finish, in which all three top positions were taken by the Russians. It gave the Russian audience a lot to cheer during the closing ceremony, which was very well choreographed, with some scintillating fireworks and the stories shown were imaginative and inspiring.

But what I dream most and think most, even after more than a month of closing of the games is the so many snow whites that were simply heart stopping!

For a long time, the girl I saw as snow white in “Snow white and the seven dwarves”, I have considered the most beautiful girl I have seen. But this winter Olympics had not one but so many snow whites that it has left a taste and aroma to savor for a long time to come.

I particularly dream and remember again and again the flower ceremony in which three female athletes stood side by side. When the camera was focused below their belts, it was frontal pelvis perfection.

This Olympics really belonged to the snow whites. May we have such snow whites in many more such games to give us a missed heartbeat and a lot of heartache!

Have a nice day!

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The Australian open was won by Li Na in females and Stanislas Wawrinka in males. Both won comfortably. They have certain similarities. At their peak, both are the most complete players in women’s and men’s tennis respectively. But in the past both had problems focusing on the game.

The best thing about Li Na is that she plays well on both flanks, back and forehand with equal vigour. This is mainly because she has a almost perfect hip rotation while making a backhand or forehand shot. If we were to contrast this with another player who hits with equal force, it will be the tall and beautiful Maria Sharapova. Maria can also hit both backhand and forehand shots with Li Na force but her hip rotation is very poor and consequently most of her shots from both sides land near the centreline rather than the sidelines, as is the case with Li Na. She needs to have some dance lessons and she can become a better player.

But Li Na and Maria Sharpova share the same temperament. Both find it difficult to focus on the game for a prolonged period of time but Li Na is getting better with her new coach and passage of time.

This Australian Open also saw the early exit of Serena Williams at the hands of Ana Ivanovic. Ana’s excellent tennis on that day was matched only by her excellent figure.

This Australian open also saw the emergence of another woman tennis star in Eugenie Bouchard. She plays well on both flanks, and has good hip rotation. But she needs to cover the court better, serve better and stay calm on court if she wants to rise further in women tennis than she did at Australian open.

Women tennis at present has so many beautiful tennis players that one has to make a choice whether to watch them or their tennis.

The final of women tennis was a bit one sided with Li Na in such imperial form that she demolished the gutsy and exuberant Dominika Cibulkova in short time. But the final was interesting because of the near perfect tennis Li Na played to win only her second grand slam major. For such a complete player, she definitely can have a far better record.

The men’s tennis was also very good. It showed the new winner in Stanislas Wawrinka. He so completely dominated the final against Nadal and was so brutal in his onslaught against him that he would have won in three straight sets under two hours if in the second half of second set, Nadal had not suddenly fallen sick.

I think the caliber of Wawrinka tennis blasted Nadal off his feet and hurt him in mind and heart as much as in the body. He knew he was going to lose and got very tense. I think he gyms a lot, more than is needed. When winning its all right but when losing so badly, mental tension builds up and sends already tense muscles into spasm. This is what happened to Nadal. In such cases I advise injection Diazepam 20 mg intravenous stat. It will cause drowsiness for 1-2 minutes but will ease mental tension and muscle spasm.

Anyway Wawrinka is in the form of his life and in this form, there is no other tennis player who can beat him at present.

Another thing about Nadal is that he has a high kick serve and high kick shots because of topspin he imparts and which comes higher than normal on the baseline. This makes it difficult for players like Roger Federer. But Stanislas Wawrinka neutralized it by standing further behind the baseline, both when receiving serve and taking shots, and thus hitting the ball not at its zenith but when it was low enough in his range. Most players play Nadal at zenith height and most of the time lose to him. But this tactic also helped Wawrinka to curl the ball over the net at amazing angles. Overall Wawrinka played a flawless technical game.

He is as good with his backhand as with his forehand and this outmaneuvered Nadal on both flanks. Roger Federer is not as strong on his backhand and this gives Nadal one flank, which he has exploited mercilessly between their clashes. Also Federer stands near the baseline and receives the ball at its zenith making it difficult to control his backhand at his height.

But there is another way of dealing with high kick serves and shots and which is to take the ball earlier when its in the rising phase and has not yet reached its zenith. For that one has to be ready to receive serve 1to 2 feet inside the baseline and also ready to take his topspin shots from inside the baseline. Even volleying from inside the baseline and near the net will give better results.

I have invented one more serve receiving position. It’s standing near the net as in doubles and volleying the ball as its served but before it lands on the court. Alternately one can stand on the top line of the serve receiving box and play a half volley on either flank. Both are very difficult shots to play but with practice can be very rewarding and can neutralize any type of serve.

This Australian open has seen many rise and fall of players and was very interesting to watch.

have a nice day!

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